Crrest International Contracting is specialized in electrical contracting and manpower providing high level of quality in all projects. We specialize in low and medium voltage electrical contracting services. Our scope of work includes end-to-end electrical solution performing a wide range electric-related work at projects. Our services range from main power installation to internal and external power & lighting and wiring system including design, supply, connection, testing, commissioning, installation and maintenance of MV panels, LV Panels, transformers, bus-bar risers, and sub-main panels etc. Moreover, we assist client in Construction of villas & residential buildings, Construction of warehouses and factories, Construction of labour camps, Development of plots, Fencing, Interlocking /paving works, Construction of boundary walls. All types general maintenance works, All types of repair and maintenance for electrical lines and its fixtures, All types of repair and maintenance for plumbing lines and its fixtures, All types of interior decoration works, Painting works, All civil repair works, Gypsum partitioning, Electrical and plumbing works.

Services We work with clients on a full range of projects: